Celebrating International Grant Professionals Day IGPD LIVE!  IGPD International Grant Professionals Day 03202015

We’ve got a treat for you!

On Friday 20th March at 12 noon EST, five seasoned grant professionals (including yours truly – Jo Miller – and my Smartegrants.com and #Grantchat partner, Diane H. Leonard ) are hosting a live Q&A.
So, you have $1,000+ worth of consultants on a live call for an hour who are ready, able, and willing to answer your questions. Couldn’t get better than that, right?

We’re open books!

We’ll share our journeys, our not-so-secret secrets, answer your questions and celebrate everyone in the world of grants on IGPD- live.

We’re doing this:

a) because it’s our version of fun and

b) its International Grant Professionals Appreciation Day (IGPD).

This week has been declared International Grant Professionals Week . You can find out about local, regional, and national events and some useful educational resources at Grant Professionals Association.

Start thinking about your questions and register now!

 What questions would you like is to tackle on this live and candid hangout? Share your questions in our comments or email me at jmiller@jmgrants.com or connect on social media.


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