Professional Grant Development Services

We work with our clients win grant awards. We partner with clients to build their capacity to find, apply for and to secure grant funds. We provide a full line of grant development services.

Grant Opportunity Research

Grant Opportunity Research

Grant opportunity research takes an understanding of policy development, government funding streams, philanthropy trends, foundation access, corporate giving, and a variety of in-depth databases and research tools. We find the right grantmaker and the right grant opportunity for your programs and priorities.

Grant Proposal Review

Grant Proposal Review

JM Grants provides strategic grant proposal review services. We will review and evaluate grant proposals that are:

  • prepared by your organization prior to the submission of the grant application, or
  • submitted by your organization and were rejected by the funder.

Grant Proposal Review Services

We will review all grant documents and links for the specific proposal. Once we have reviewed the proposal, we will provide you with a thorough critique to guide you in strengthening your grant applications.

Grant-Seeking Workshops

Grant Seeking Workshops

Our grant seeking workshops give our participants the tools they need to develop a strong grant strategy, research potential grant makers, prepare competitive grant proposals, and develop productive grants offices and consulting businesses.

Grant Ready Assessment and Planning

Grant Ready Assessment and Planning

We will help you prepare to seek grants through our grant ready assessment process. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a roadmap to capitalize on your strengths and address your weaknesses to compete for grant funds.

One of the most effective ways you can increase your success rate with grants is to be ready to apply for a grant well in advance of the opportunity announcement. Grant readiness is an ongoing process and it is often overlooked. 

You will increase your probability of securing funding when you take the necessary steps to prepare for grant opportunities. In fact, preparation is every bit as important as developing and submitting the proposal. 

4 Key Areas for Grant Ready Assessment and Planning

We can work with you to rate your readiness and offer a step-by-step plan to build and maintain your grant readiness:

1) Organization 

2) Strategy

3) Partnerships

4) Tracking

Grant Proposal Development

 Grant Proposal Development

We work with our clients to win grants that support their programs and projects. We will work with you to design the program or project to achieve your goals. We will match your program or project goals grantmakers who share your values and are seeking to invest in your community. We work closely with you and become a member of your team. Together, we develop a competitive grant proposal.

Grant Opportunity Review and Plan of Action Report

Grant LOI/RFP/RFQ/NOFA/ Review

JM Grants offers grant opportunity review services. We provide clients with a full review of any letter of intent request (LOI) , request for proposal (RFP), request for applications (RFA), request for qualification (RFQ), notice of funding availability (NOFA), or other funding opportunity that your organization is considering.

Grant Opportunity Review Report

We will evaluate the opportunity for fit, feasibility, and strategy. We provide clients with a Grant Opportunity Review report and a plan of action.