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Geared to Grow with Jo – Coaching  Q & A

What is Geared to Grow Coaching?

Geared to Grow Coaching is a short-term system designed to help people who want to get ‘unstuck’, who want fulfillment and seek to increase performance.

Geared to Grow clients come to me for many reasons:

“I want to build my skills to seek and secure grants and contracts…I need to make more money!”“I want to launch my consulting business! I KNOW can do it …but I feel alone and want a guide”

“I am looking for rapid, proven steps to build my existing business!”

R I need to embrace technology but I feel so overwhelmed!” 

R    “I am considering a new career in the nonprofit arena. I AM a ‘do-gooder’. I want to help others … I don’t know if a nonprofit job is right for me.”

R “I need understand how to sign up and use social media – now!

 “I need help to build a collaborative team involving nonprofits, municipalities, local businesses, federally funded programs, policy makers and stakeholders.”  


How Do I Know Geared to Grow is for Me?

Are you experiencing a professional crisis or want to take your career or business to the next level? Then Geared to Grow Coaching is for you! Let’s find out if we click and if we should work together.



Schedule your free 30-minute get-to-know-you session.

 Schedule Session

Prior to your introductory session you will receive a questionnaire that I ask you to fill out and return immediately. In response to you, I will send you several documents targeted to your unique situation. Your documents should take you no more than 30 minutes to complete. Return, via email, your documents within 24 hours to help me prepare for our time together. We’ll both invest preparation time and we’ll invest our energies during your introductory session to see if it makes sense for us to work together. 

How Does Geared to Grow Coaching Work?

Coaching is mostly conducted over the phone, video chats or in person, if requested, so you can be located virtually anywhere and still get the support and tools you need.   I offer several Geared to Grow Coaching Packages. We will find the one that works best for you.  We meet for about 50 minutes each session and I offer unlimited email support to check-in as needed between sessions.  No matter the package you chose, we will start with a foundation session which serves to set up the basis for our work ahead. I will follow-up each session with your individualized:

1. Action Plan 2. Progress Report  3. Reflection Worksheet


Stages for Basic Approach for Geared to Grow Coaching: 

1  Foundation: Establish roles and commitments with the client.

2  Information: Gather client personal and professional history, value and satisfaction assessments, short and long-term goals to begin discovery, clarification and alignment of system with my clients desired goals and achievements.

3 Implementation: Provide regularly scheduled coaching sessions to help clients set a realistic business and or professional development agenda, design individualized motivating action plans, and check progress toward goals.  

4 Transition: Assist clients to move into their self-managed long-term action plan.

How will I know if I am making progress with Geared to Grow?

At the end of each session, you will leave with very specific action-oriented assignments or an action plan for the week. At the beginning of the next session, the first order of business will be to check your progress on the action plan from the previous week. 

I invite you to get Geared to Grow!

  Jo Miller, GPC, CSMS Jo Miller, GPC, CSMS


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