Grants and Social Media

Grants and Social Media

Grants and Social Media 

Two Paths or One Direction? It depends on your perspective.

I work in what most people would consider 2 very distinct fields. I believe they are the same. I am a Grant Professional and I am a Social Media Strategist. I believe that Grants and Social Media are the same because they both key into one of the most important human drives: the desire to connect. 

My Passion for Being a Connector

I like being a grant consultant because I like to help others make the connections they need to see their vision become a reality. This is what I love about consulting and why I am a coach.  In Grants and Social Media, I like researching – listening to – what is being said and done (policy, funding, partnerships, best practices) and taking that information to make my client’s jobs easier. I love learning and sharing strategies, best practices, tips and tools. I work with clients to create a communication strategy – a compelling win-win story. Whether we are working on grants or social media – we are looking for opportunities to connect, to engage, to execute a plan and measure results. 

Social Media has helped me to connect to others who are passionate about advocacy, phillanthropy, leadership, healthy housing, children's environmental health, the grants profession and social media strategy development. I have also used it to build my leadership skills, build my coaching services and, most suprisingly, to feed my soul. 


I want make a difference in people’s lives. 

My role as a grant professional and a social media strategist: I help people connect, I help people engage communities, I help people tell their story.

Grants and Social Media use many of the same skills – strategic planning, reseach, attention to community/trends, building communities and partnerships and evaluation/measument.  Both fields are changing rapidly and both are tools to make a difference in the lives of people. 

The most amazing part?

For every bit of energy I put into helping others to succeed, to attain thei vision, and to grow their skills and business –  there seems to be somebody there in my network that cheers me on, gives me the perfect advice, makes me laugh, or shares a rockstar tool that comes just when I need it most! 

How has Social Media changed your profession? 

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