Target Progress Not Perfection

Target Progress Not Perfection

You’re Perfect! 

Do you have big dreams? Have you set your sights on important goals? Are you leading a team or a project toward a huge deadline? Do you work with passion and integrity to make a difference at work, in your community and at home?

I applaud your drive to make a difference, to build great things, and to hold yourself and others to high standards.

How often to you face roadblocks, challenges, or even mistakes along the way to achieving those goals? How often does the weight of your workload feel like it is holding you back from your dreams? Do you ever feel guilty for not being the best boss, best co-worker, best parent or best _________?   I do.  We all do.

What can we do, in this crazy hectic world where we seem to be pulled in every direction, to achieve our goals and meet our high standards?  This post is not going to give you the latest to-do tool or time management tool (although I have, and I will share tech tools that save time and help us manage projects).

This post is for you and your bright and beautiful soul.  So, let’s take a deep breath together -ahhhhhh.  Let’s focus on what is important when you set your goals – it is progress!

When I begin to feel guilty for not being the perfect (insert role here), I stop — and I ask myself, “ Jo, are you making progress?” And 99% of the time, the answer is yes! Yes, I am making progress. I reflect on where we started.  I look at the challenges that changed the course of an entire effort and the surprise (chaotic) opportunities that we happened to be ready to embrace, and I see progress, lots and lots of progress. Oh, there are a lot of messy miscommunications, some mistakes, major delays, and  postponed deadlines. But, all-in-all, there is a whole lot of progress.

Yes, it is progress, not perfection, that gets us to our goals.  

What do you want? What motivates you? When do you feel a sense of accomplishment?  Where do you want to make a difference?

Ask yourself, “Am I making progress?”  Yes, you are making progress.

I hope you’ll join me in adopting this rally cry, “Target progress, not perfection!”  #TPNP, Target Progress Not Perfection,, Jo Miller, smartegrants, JMA, J Miller & Associates, Social Media and Grants

How are you going to “Target Progress, Not Perfection” ? Share your thoughts here or on any social media platform and use the hashtag  #TPNP

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