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Playing “Budget Hero”, the Video Game!

Playing “Budget Hero”, the Video Game!

Are you and your staff  'Budget Heros' when it comes to grants?  I work with people who love to DO their work. These are passionate, take-charge, capable leaders who become wide eyed and immobile we start to discuss the impact of the federal budget on their organization.   It can be overwhelming when we try to consider how changes to a budget of  $3.8 trillion, with nearly a $1 trillion gap in debt, could impact a single organization?   Relatively minute changes in spending can drastically alter your government agency or nonprofit either through the impact on their clients or through…read more →

Seeking Grants?  Use One of Our Favorite Tools

Seeking Grants? Use One of Our Favorite Tools

  Grant research is an essential yet time consuming process.  When grant research is a priority, it saves an organization great deal of time and resources.  Where do you begin to search for the right grantmaker for your project? A few of the questions you will want to answer are: ·       Who funds organizations in my area of interest? ·       Who targets funds to the specific need that we are trying to address? ·       Who funds in my geographic region? ·       Who will provide the type of support and funding this project needs? ·       Who has funded organizations like your…read more →