NEW Government System Award Management (SAM)

NEW Government System Award Management (SAM)

Celebrate SAM in July!

SAM = 1 Login, 1 Process, & 1 Reporting Location.

SAM is sponsored by the Government Services Agency (GSA).  SAM will consolidate numerous grants and contracts databases into one location.  SAM will give users one login site for accessing information and data currently housed on a variety of siloed sites.

Beware, this next bits of information are a lot of acronyms and jargon.

SAM will merge 9 government data and reporting systems into one system.  Included in this list of systems are several used by grantor agencies and grant applicants/grantees, such as CCR, EPLS, the FFATA (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act) Reporting System (FSRS), and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The project will be implemented in phases.

The first phase of SAM will include the capabilities of Central Contractor Registration (CCR)/Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS).

SAM for Grantees

Get SAM – System Award Management for Grantees

Get SAM! You can find the System for Award Management for entities interested in being eligible for grants here. 

In their announcement, GSA assures users that SAM will reduce the burden on those seeking to do business with the government. By logging into one system, vendors and grant applicants will be able to manage their entity information in one record, with one expiration date, through one streamlined business process. Federal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information. Everyone will have fewer passwords to remember and see the benefits of data reuse as information is entered into SAM once and reused throughout the system.

The overarching benefits of SAM include streamlined and integrated processes, elimination of data redundancies, and reduced costs while providing improved capability.

I have a feeling our experiences and growing pains will be similar to the move from paper grants to electronic submissions on The good, the bad and the … Oh NO! Ultimately, integrating systems with one login, one process for contracts and one reporting system help non-profit and government agencies save time and money.

For more information on the benefits of SAM check out this video: SAM Overview Briefing

Stay tuned! We will share our SAM experiences and insights with you.

Please let us know how friendly SAM is to you.

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  1. JM Grants says:

    Update: Clients and colleagues have had some trouble with SAM. There have been difficulties in submitting applications, getting registered, and much more. CCR, ORCA, FedReg and EPLS have migrated into SAM Please double check your registration (CCR, AOR etc.) well in advance of the submission deadline. Equally important, submit your grant early – at least 72 hours prior to the deadline. You can always resubmit if there is a last minute changes you want to include.  Have you had an experience with SAM? Tell us about it here! 

    • Amoour says:

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