Signs You Might Need A Grant Consultant

Signs You Might Need A Grant Consultant



Do you need to hire a Grant Consultant 

If you are experiencing one or more of these situations you might need to hire a Grant Consultant:

  1. Denied funding
  2. No Grant Strategy
  3. Limited funding threatens organization or programs
  4. Highly competitive grants
  5. No time, No GPC
  6. Taking it to the next level


Your organization has been denied grants throughout in-house attempts.

You have done your very best to secure grants. You hear from the funder that your application was denied. Telling your Board or your Mayor or – the worst – your staff  that you were denied the funding needed to keep your program alive is heartbreaking. 

Recently, one of my clients said, “I can’t imagine doing this (grant) without you! Do other applicants hire consultants?” My answer was quick and dead on – “The applicants that get the grants do!”  That doesn’t mean that hiring a consultant is like grabbing the golden goose. It means that 80% of the grant winners hired consultants to help them fine tune their strategy and their application. 

You Want a Strategic Plan for Grant Seeking and Diverse Funding Streams

You may have a plan for your organization and or your programs. But, do you have a Grant Strategic Plan that is integrated with your other goals, activities and budgets? If not, your grant consultant can help you to develop your grant strategy, to become ‘grant ready’, and to evaluate your progress to make adjustments as needed.

Your Board and or staff continue to disagree about how to meet financial needs and program maintenance and expansion.

Sometimes you need a consultant to provide you with specific expertise on trends and policy. Sometimes you need a consultant with facilitation skills to broker the win-win plan. Whatever the case, a consultant can bring an objective perspective to help the organization develop a strategy to move forward. 

You are applying for a very competitive grant with less than 20 percent of applicants receiving funding

Sure, most grant opportunities result in less than 20% successfully awarded applications. We talk about success rates and measuring success here.  If you don’t have a GPC on staff and you are serious about competing for a grant award – your’e probably considering a consultant. You are smart. 

You and your staff have important work to do and you don’t have a grant professional on staff

You have your expertise. You know your clients and your programs. When you take focus away from your clients you want that time to be extremely productive so you can get back to the business of changing the world, of making a difference in the life of a child, of healing one more soul and building one more bridge to a brighter path. A consultant can help you focus as tackle you grant planning.  Your Grant Consultant can provide you with expert  grant research and development services so you can get back to doing your good work!

You are taking your organization or program to the next level

You are ready! You have paid your dues. Your pilot project, grassroots effort or long standing program is ‘geared to grow.’ You have a vision, a dream and you are ready to make it a reality.  Sometimes, I like to consider myself a ‘Grant Sherpa’ – you have to train, have the resources and be ready to make that climb to the top. 

Finding Your Grant Consultant

When seeking a Grant Consultant I recommend finding one that is a member of the Grant Professionals Association, preferably one that has been credentialed through the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. The Grant Professionals Association provides a list of grant consultants here. The Grant Professionals Certification Institute has a list of GPC. 

You can also contact me at – We can see if my skills fit your goals and needs or I will recommend another grant consultant. I  have a broad network of grant consultants with diverse expertise that I can confidently recommend,  How can we help you? What do you want funded today?


Get Grants, Do Good!



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