How to Thank a Funder on Social Media

How to Thank a Funder on Social Media

Thank a Funder on Social Media

Grant stewardship is all about establishing and maintaining relationships. Grant makers, including government agencies, foundations and corporations, have Facebook pages and Twitter handles to provide more information about their mission, accomplishments, grantees and investments. As a grantee or potential grantee, you have an opportunity to support grant makers in their mission. One way to support a grant maker is by showing your gratitude (or ‘Grantitude’™ ).

Should I thank a funder on social media if they are not on social media? The quick answer – yes. First, check to see if your funder or potential grant maker is on social media. If they are, you will want to follow that funder on social media where they have any kind of presence. Second, posting on platforms and networks with a link to the funder’s website can work in place of tagging their social media handle. Two keys to success when using social media to engage and thank a funder:

1) Connect – Follow and interact where they are, and

2) Communicate – Ask them about parameters in mentioning them on social media and provide them with an alert that they will be mentioned before you post something. 


What is Grantitude? by Jo Miller

Some ways you can thank a funder on social media and  show Grantitude:


  • Express your gratitude to a funder when you receive a grant award and include information on the grant goals and where viewers can find more information about the funded project, whether they are a potential/existing funder or a potential/existing program participant.


  • Take pictures of your program or your staff holding a “Thank YOU! sign and post your award announcement on Facebook. Be sure to tag the funder, if they have a Facebook or other social media account.


  • You can link your pictures and or video to your LinkedIn page or post it your announcement on an appropriate LinkedIn group page. Is your funder on LinkedIn? If so, be sure to tag them in your post.


  • You may want to create a ‘gratitude’ tab or page on your website. I know I love hearing about positive events, progress, community do-gooders, innovations and any sort of positive announcements and stories. How about creating a place on your website where you share positive stories about your organization, your programs, and your network?  When you post a link to your appreciation video or a grant award announcement be sure to include a link to the funder’s site and send a quick note to the program officer guiding them to your post.


  • Posting pictures of your staff celebrating a grant award and pictures of your program activities keep your network informed. 


  • Post an infographic on your program or organization’s impact and show your funders’ names as part of the investment in your impact. You can ‘made possible through grants from [funder name], add their icon’s and links to the funders websites (with permission, of course) at the bottom of your infographic. 

Do you use social media to thank a grant funder?  Do you know an organization who has Thank a Funder social mediashown their funder gratitude in an innovative way on social media?

If so, please share a link in the comments or share it with us on social media using the hashtag #grantchat.

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  1. Esther says:

    Great post, Jo! I love your step-by-step directions. Thanking funders on social media is going the extra mile — doing something that most of your nonprofit competition wouldn’t think to or know how to do! And as long as you stay within the funder’s parameters of social media use, you’ll be solidifying your alliance with them!

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